About the Midwest Hernia Center


In the mid 1980s, traditional hernia treatments seemed frustratingly painful and imperfect to our physicians. One of our surgeons, David R. Joesting, M.D., sought out safer and better solutions and performed
extensive research on hernia treatment. He traveled to the top hernia clinics throughout North America and after consulting with the world’s leading hernia experts, he made dramatic changes in how Midwest Hernia Center physicians treat hernias.

Using durable synthetic mesh became the preferred mode of treatment. With this technique, surgeons could use local anesthesia with sedation, instead of general anesthesia, which can be more risky. Eventually, less-invasive laparoscopic surgery became available, further improving patient recovery times. During the past two decades, our practice has become proficient in the most valuable advances in hernia surgery.

Midwest Hernia Center now has ten experienced surgeons, who regularly receive training on the latest techniques in hernia repair. We continually seek out innovations in hernia repair methods and products, and patients travel from around the world to benefit from our expertise. Our surgeons have become leaders in treating sports hernias, and have operated on hundreds of amateur and professional athletes, most of whom return to athletic activity – pain-free – after a short time.

Although we’ve grown in size and recognition over the last two decades, we’ll always remain dedicated to our mission of providing the best, patient-centered hernia repair. We continue to use proven advances that yield the least possible discomfort and the fastest possible recovery.
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